About the Readings

How the cards work

In a bold attempt to simplify the source of the answers we get in a tarot reading: a mixture of intuition, knowledge and unveiling some hidden bits of the unconscious. Just like with any other tool, there are formulas to get better and faster results.

Done properly, a tarot reading can help bringing enlightenment, peace, answers, success.  I will give examples, with my querents permission, on the “Blog” section and on my YouTube channel.

How I work with the cards

All my approaches are customized.

Here are some steps we might follow when doing a face – to – face tarot reading:

  1. A few minutes of silence, breathing, meditation (if you will) or just thinking about the question addressed.
  2. A short (or long, you decide) conversation in which you can tell me the questions you need an answer to or the area of your life you seek guidance for, etc…
  3. In some cases, I ask my querent to pick up a few cards while I spread them, for instance, or to choose the cards by indicating their position on the deck, or I choose for you.
  4. I interpret the cards for you.

Here are some steps we might follow when doing email tarot readings:

  1. Send your date of birth, a question that you need guidance with, or notes, or pictures, or anything you feel like sending.
    All my readings are individually dealt with you in mind.
  2. Choose numbers between 1 and 78, or I will choose. Your reading will be based on these selected cards.
  3. Make the payment.
  4. Get your reading the same day or the next day (the latest)  by email, with a photo of the cards that your numbers chose.

These are just examples; it does not necessarily need to be this way.

The spreads I do are chosen according to the topics and the way you want to address the question. Sometimes we use spreads of 5 or a few spreads of 3 cards; sometimes we use additional cards for deepening the understanding. I had times when I could talk forever about a 3 card spread and times when the solution was clear in 5 minutes in a 10 cards spread. ‘The Celtic cross’ I use is the one presented by Rachel Pollack in “Seventy-eight degrees of wisdom”.  It went straight to my heart the minute I came across it. I believe that the future is written in the present and it is up to us to choose it and create it, in most cases. That is why I consider our interaction more fortune – creating rather than fortune – telling.

In order to use all the time we have together, in a constructive way, would be advisable for you to think about a question or more, before a tarot reading. The question can be related to any of your life areas you would like to look into. If you are not sure, or you change your mind in the meantime, we can decide together the way to ask the question or questions.

Sometimes, the answers we get are quick, straight, clear, and other times it can take some minutes until we are able to tap into the core of the aspect that we best address to. The length of time is related to a whole range of reasons, so, whatever your case is, feel free to ask for guidance. This is your time and it is all about you. I am committed to reduce to the minimum any outside disturbance and be on this journey only with you and our tools, the tarot deck and the silver dowsing loop.

I have to mention I am not usually interested in, for instance, how many cats the next door neighbour will have. My work with you is mainly of fortune – creating. Me, my cards and my other esoteric tools we are very good at pointing at aspects you might not have considered, maybe not really know them, or, to confirm something you already know and could use some reassurance. The theatricality is not my concern. I rather do my best for you to get something that will last. The readings are about all aspects of life and about choosing the best for you. All readings are confidential. I am extremely empathic. I’ve noticed I could sometimes feel even the pain in people’s bodies. I want to give you a relaxing, nice experience, I like a good laugh anytime, but, I also say it as it is, as it comes to me. After all, getting to find out new perspectives is one of the reasons for which we are using the tarot. Due to the new regulations, I am obliged by the law to say that readings are for entertainment purposes.