About Me

Psychology with Counselling student

Intuitive / Empathic / From a very intuitive family

Battled, bruised and analyzed 44 years

My heart is in the sky, but my feet are on the ground.

Balanced / Peaceful / Vegetarian

Don’t own a TV set / Quit watching TV in 2011

I do not take myself too seriously

I take the tarot deck and all my querents very seriously

My name is Mihaela Albu, which translated is Mihaela “The white”. I was born in 1974. I’ve been living in Scotland, in all 3 regions of Romania (Transylvania, Moldavia, Greater Walachia) and now I am in Torquay, England. At one point or another I’ve been in each of the scenes illustrated in the tarot cards. I have met all the archetypes in the Major Arcane… I was in Hell and back, in Purgatory, but Heaven, also. I do understand a lot and sense a lot and I continuously search for more. Every single person in my family had different out of ordinary experiences. I’ve had a few, myself and around the age of 33, I came to accept how well my intuition works. Gradually, I have welcomed all these occurrences and I have searched for explanations in various fields; I am nowadays focused on psychology, as well. I will describe these experiences in detail on the “Blog” section and on a YouTube channel I work on.

I have connections with the tarot cards for a long time. The cards came to me and somehow I knew what to do with them and what they are saying. It only makes sense, if you lived in this world before the encounter with them, to just “feel” what a colour vibrates like and what a number is saying to you, right? Two can make a couple or can show 2 different directions, maybe a choice that needs to be made. After connecting my intuition and psychology with the tarot cards, I’ve started to look for the scholar part, as well, so I can understand what is happening at the mental, not only at the intuitive level. The books I’ve read, have been like confirmations in many of the cases. Regarding tarot I am attracted to the books which are letting things flow, which are not so pointy to the “is or is not”. I believe that the tarot is a powerful tool and it does its job when used in a proper way.

The tarot and psychology is my main focus point at this moment in life, although I am constantly looking for strings evidence between the practical and the spiritual. In 2014 I have returned to the tarot and since then we are inseparable. I do spreads for everyone who asks, I read books recommended by tarot specialists, I watch all the documentaries and movies I can find, I exchange ideas about everything related with tarot, on the internet, with professionals all over the world. I am getting into the history and the technicalities of tarot, but I keep in mind a quote from Dalai Lama: “How is that helping people?” The question “what’s the use for all this?” got an answer now. The difficulties and the lessons in my past are at use to know how to assist my querents in the present. Although I don’t take myself too seriously, I am very serious about the tarot cards.

Some of my puberty books have been “The divine comedy” (Dante Alighieri), “Ramayana”(Valmiki), “Mahabharata”(Vyasa), The Legends of Olympus (Mitru), “Shogun”(James Clavel), Odyssey” and “Iliad” (Homer). Some have been the seeds planted for the future. Later, during adolescence, I discovered psychology, spirituality and Mircea Eliade. He was a Romanian writer and mystic, living at that time in Chicago, the first author of a “History of religions”. His work was forbidden in Romania during the communism epoch, but somehow, most of his books could be found if you knew where to look for them. I had nicknames because I would read a few books a week. I remember a period when I have set myself to at least 111 pages a day. My mother used to force me to go out and play.

Everybody was using a form of divination, where I am coming from. There was divination using beans, playing cards, tarot cards, dreams, coffee dregs in the cups. The earthquake in 1986 was felt by my brother Cristian, 10 minutes before it happened. He made all of us get out of the apartment. But such things were part of the normality. I will try to write as many of them as the time allows me to.