Grannie was 85, 1,52 tall and was weighing about 45 kilos. Grannie’s words were decrees. Rodica, her daughter was 60, tall and big; Rodica’s voice was like a thunder. But, Rodica was hiding in the garage to smoke, when grannie was coming to her house for a visit. That is how granny was. I was her granddaughter in law. I did not talk with granny much. I was ironing once a red and black shirt. “It’s so pretty” she said. But words were not required for me and her. Our souls were in a silent touch. No other additional items necessary. When she was talking to me, was like “Ok, let’s act this world – like. We might as well, since we are here”. After granny died I dreamed her on a green hill, with white small flowers. Her house was white, her soul at peace, as always. “I am all right” she said. A while later, I am with Nico, another granddaughter in law of grannies’. “I dreamed of grannie,” Nico said. “She was living on a green hill, in a white house. There were white flowers everywhere. She was saying “I am all right”.

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