Pregnancy check

This happened during a period I was having massive interventions on my teeth. Because my face looked horrifying I decided to stay indoors and postpone the visit to my future mother in law. My fianc√© went to see her, in her hometown and I stayed where I was. At about 4 PM I fell asleep and dreamt I was pregnant. The baby was big, maybe 6, 7 months old. I was wondering how did I not know about the pregnancy, how come I only realize now. I was confused, trying to find a logical explanation about the sudden appearance of such a big baby in my belly. Later, in the evening my boyfriend called. He told me that he was harassed that afternoon by a relative of his about not having and not planning a baby with me, about the necessity for us to have a baby and the uselessness of life when one does not have a baby. I asked him about the hour when this happened. About 4 o’clock.

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