My first reading

My first tarot reading for somebody I did not personally know, was for Maria. Maria was going through a hard time. A friend of a friend, Iwana. Iwana told me Maria has problems with her parents’ health and she just broke up with a boyfriend with whom she was together for many years. When asked if I would read for her, I hesitated. Maria showed her interest in meeting me before I started to seriously read tarot. She had asked Iwana if she would come to Scotland, would I be willing to talk to her and Iwana to translate? I thought at that time this was a bit too much and now, when she was facing problems, the fact she did not know English was even more in the way. I thought I was not ready to play such an important part in somebody’s life. That feeling lasted one or two days, I don’t remember exactly, after which, completely vanished. I am finding myself late in the evening, at Iwana’s door. Maria’s ex-boyfriend is in Spain, Maria, at that time with her parents in Poland, me and Iwana, at a farm in Scotland, reading tarot cards live on Skype, in English, a language which is not our native language. Iwana is translating for Maria in polish. The bond is perfect.

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