Easy bilocation

One of my bilocations experiences, the one I most vividly remember happened when I was about 35. I’ve been trying a few times to remember what I was doing differently that day or what was special about it. The only thing that comes to mind and tends to stick there is the peace of that moment and of the moment before. The end of a day, a time when there was nothing left to do to contribute to the struggle for survival of that period. The moment in which I could just “be”. These are my thoughts now. Then, I was just walking home. I was on the alley from the grocery market to the block I was living in. It was late in the evening, almost dark.

I cannot determine exactly how long it took, could have been minutes, could have been seconds. I was perceiving clear information from 2 places – from the alley and from a place high, above the trees. I could clearly hear the noise of my heels on the pavement, see the leaves on the street and also see the crowns of the trees from many meters above them feel the wind there. The business of living did not allow me to spend time on studying this occurrence at that time, but later I have asked one of the professors I am following. He is a physicist, mathematician and spent years with the shamans in Siberia. “What’s the big deal?” was his answer. “Bilocation is one of the things extremely easy to accomplish”. That was it. I don’t think it’s a big deal, either. I just wrote it down for those for whom it’s just happening. I did not look for this experience then. It just happened to me to be in two places at the same time.

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