A few angels

There have been a few times when I travelled in that space between awake state and sleeping state. It is that moment in time when one perceives information both from the physical realm that surrounds you and also from a different world, different space. Our social norms and labels might tempt one to call this experience “a dream”, but the people who experienced that, we know these are not dreams. In one of such trips I was in a big saloon, with 40, 50 beings, I could call now angels. They were tall, dark white, with wings along their bodies. They were having a conversation. My feeling was of belonging, of being on a familiar ground. When talking about it after, someone asked me if they were male or female. They were all the same, that’s what I can say. None of them paid particular attention to me. I was somehow home.

Another such travel is the one in which I met my guardian angel. I remember seeing him from the back. He was wet, sitting. His colour was a sort of dirty yellow as if he was a long time in the rain. Another thing I distinctly remember was the realisation, a sort of insight rather than a feeling “So I have to take care of you, too”. He was what I perceived at that time as being my guardian angel, but either he changed or we have allocated many such beings because not all my angels experiences involve angels in distress. There was a time during the recession in Romania when my angel was not wet at all. For a year I was every day one step away from becoming homeless. Working 12 hours a day, negotiating almost every hour on this planet, walking to work because of the lack of money for the bus. It was then when I was asking my angel to come and help me fall asleep during the night. He would come, lie next to me, spread one of his wings. When his wing will reach the bed, covering my entire body, I was instantly falling asleep. All process was a matter of seconds. He came every single time I called him.

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